Don’t worry — I think I can take J.K. Rowling in a fight.

The transgender flag

Hot take: I don’t like TERFs. I spent a long time on International Women’s Day last week arguing with one, and it left me feeling spiteful.

If you aren’t familiar with the acronym, TERF stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist”. Not sure what’s radical about that, or perhaps “radical” is an…

Pokémon Arceus, a breath of fresh air.

It can be hard to see, when you’re in the Pokémon community, that the main line games are sadly similar.

Part of the reason for this, I think, is that the Pokémon series gets such colorful and unexpected spin-offs. Everyone remembers Pokémon Go, of course, but do you remember…

Also, why does everyone put Nick Jonas’ name first?

I had the biggest crush on Nick Jonas as a teenager.

All it took, honestly, is being about the same age, and both Type I Diabetic. I am that desperate for other Type I Diabetic contact. …

Anyone want to talk about it?

I’m an American millennial, raised on stories of people huddling around tv sets to watch the first space flights. All my life, I’ve been told by those people that we should be proud to be American, grateful to be born here.

I think I’ve…

Is it possible for a coup attempt to be privileged?

the U.S. Capitol Building

Yesterday, domestic terrorists breached the Capitol Building, seat of civics for the United States of America.

Obviously, there are numerous questions worth asking about this event. What lead to it, who is responsible, and most importantly, what do we do next?

On New Year’s Eve, two years ago, I published my first Medium article.

It wasn’t very good, of course. It felt momentous, and I invested a lot of my sense of self into the occasion. I had just published. Sort of.

Two years later, the magic is slightly worn. I…

I don’t like him — but I think we need to give him more credit.

A modified picture of President Trump, edited to show him without spray tan or combover hair.

Outside of his unique manner of speaking, personal appearance may be the easiest part of President Trump to make fun of. Far before he became America’s 45th president, Trump was a prominent conversation piece in late night talk shows and other media. …

Do I sound defensive?

Now should be the time for I, the hobbyist extraordinaire. I’m at home, working in short bursts when my coworkers get a break from teaching their children. It used to be that my sick time each month would be used before it truly accrued, unable to go four weeks without…

To my fellow Americans — How about not?

Woman holding sparkler as it burns down

So terribly, terribly much has happened thus far in 2020. Especially if you live in America.

Remember when we were all optimistic for the start of a new decade? I don’t either. Watching America deteriorate is essentially my only pastime now. Not particularly by choice, but more like watching HGTV…

Ladies, you know we’ve been tricked.

A pair of legs, covered with jeans

I was 14 when I started shaving my legs.

According to my birth certificate, I’m one of those “female” types. I say it such a strange way because I always seem to be slow on the uptake about what it means. …

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